Brand Promise

Brand Promise

Toyota, a globally local brand, promises the customers of its two unfailing traits which also form the two pillars on which its brand promise is built –'Peace of Mind' and 'Waku Doki'. Toyota,a brand that is synonymous with QDR (Quality, Durability& Reliability) and has a strong focus on safety, keeps your mind at peace on one hand and on the other getsyour heart racing with range of exciting cars and thereby creating a sense of 'Waku Doki', a Japanese word which means –intense adrenaline rush.

With every action Toyota aims at exceeding expectations of the customers, thereby ensuring their smiles… which elicit pure joy & our success.

The brand promise is built on the foundation of beliefs close to the heart of the company and the customer.


Quality Durability Reliability

Uncompromising and advanced levels of Quality, Durability & Reliability (QDR) are in the DNA of Toyota. From the early stages of the design process up until our cars roll off the assembly line, QDR is infused at every stage. Toyota spends $ 1 million per hour on R&D, globally. Every Toyota thus is made with an aim to make a failure-proof car. Generations of long standing trust in Toyota are testimony to this fact.


For us, the journey towards a safe road never ends. This belief, along with our collaborative research efforts, drives us to create advancements and innovations in safety that have helped (and continue to help) prevent crashes and protect people. Sparing neither effort nor expense to ensure highest standards of safety, Toyota crashes nearly 1600 actual, fully-built cars in controlled collision tests each year.

Value For Money

Toyota builds vehicle that offer a rewarding ownership experience. Rewarding to own, to run and to resell - even after many years down the road. Toyota owners get more than an automobile – they get great value. Truly, Toyota believes in delivering far above expectations. It, therefore comes as no surprise that 80% of Toyotas sold 20 years ago are still on road today…

Environmental Leadership

Toyota remains at the forefront of effort to build cleaner, greener cars that are gentle on the environment. Building cleaner vehicles isn't the only way Toyota works to help the environment. Toyota applies its passion for Environmental Leadership and applies it towards building better communities for the future. Hybrids are a step towards this ideology and Toyota saved 500 million gallons of gasoline annually through its innovative Hybrid models


Fun to Drive

We at Toyota believe cars are not just meant for commuting. Cars are meant to make life full of exciting journeys. We make cars that can set your heart racing, giving you an adrenaline rush which lasts with you even after you have reached your destination. A cautionary word, don't get carried away…drive safe!


While Toyota Cars are renowned for their QDR across the globe, what makes it even more appealing is the sense of style that every Toyota Car exudes. We make cars so stylish that they turn heads wherever you go. It puts you in spotlight, elevating your personality to an all new high. Go Flaunt!


Youth is an untamed spirit, a bold,positive & radiant energy that is the driving spirit of Toyota. Breaking new grounds, creating paths where none ever existed. Youth is a trailblazer, adreamer.

Be Young. Feel young. Drive a Toyota…drive your passion.


Kaizen is a way of life at Toyota. We strive for improvement at each step. We strongly believe no matter how well things can be done, there is always a better way.

At Toyota, it is always an endeavour to be at the forefront of automotive innovation, thus enriching lives around the world and aiming to build a future society, full of smiles

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