9, 99,999.Kms. Covered – My 2002 Toyota is Running Strong”

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9, 99,999.Kms. Covered – My 2002 Toyota is Running Strong”


It was in 1998 that Mr. Mohammed Said Abdullah Al Hinai bought his first Corolla and he has been hooked on for so for many good reasons. He said, “The performance, reliability and durability I experienced in my first Corolla became my standard…I realized that only a Toyota can equal another Toyota. Hence when I wanted to start my taxi business in 2002, I went in for another Corolla.”

“With the New Corolla my taxi business took off. Very early into my business, I began experiencing the rewards of Toyota’s legendary performance, reliability and other core efficiencies. Till today I stand proud well aware of how far my Corolla has brought me, by just being with me throughout my journey in business. Over a period of time, I have clocked upwards of 9,99,999kms., which is way above most other cars. The people at Toyota were happy to know of my journey and affection for Toyota” he added further.

When asked what special care he took to keep his Corolla at peak levels, Mr.Hinai replied casually, “My only discipline for my Corolla’s smooth running has been to remember to take it in for regular Toyota Service. I have never had to take any extra pains or care. In the taxi business, the car is used rigorously and the demands are severe. Even so, nothing, apart from regular service, was ever required to be done by me.”

He feels that Toyota’s after sales support is outstanding and deserves all praise, “I specially thank Saud Bahwan Automotive and the sales staff who advised me to purchase this vehicle. Not to forget the services of highly skilled technicians who infuse a lot of passion besides their talent when working on my Corolla. Truly speaking owning a Corolla makes me feel really special,” he added.

When asked if he would recommend Toyota to others, “Of course I do so wholeheartedly. But truth be told, does one really need to be told about Toyota’s excellence which is well exhibited through their products? People are wise; they know what is best for them.”

Since its inception, Toyota has always focused on engineering and introducing the finest automobiles in the world. This passion continues to dwell even today, making Toyota the most loved brand locally and globally.

“I am a loyal customer of Toyota. Besides the Corolla which I have specially assigned for my Taxi service I am also a proud owner of a Land Cruiser. I must say the engineers at Toyota are doing a wonderful job. Till date my Corolla works as good as new” shared Mr.Hinai.

“We deeply value such customers who have put so much trust in us and we appreciate them for their long association with the brand. We are happy that our vehicles, with their renowned durability, have been successful in creating a sense of peace of mind amongst our customers. It is in this, that we see our success.” said a spokesperson from Saud Bahwan Automotive, further adding, “In Oman, Saud Bahwan Automotive has pioneered a number of initiatives towards garnering the highest customer satisfaction. These include investments in infrastructure like possessing a large number of service bays at the Wattayah showroom; presence of Toyota showrooms throughout Oman, availability of most spare parts at any given point in time and more”