All New Toyota Land Cruiser Launched in Oman

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All New Toyota Land Cruiser Launched in Oman


At a well-attended function, the All New Toyota Land Cruiser was launched in Oman. Gracing the occasion were Mr. Koji Nagata, General Manager, Middle East & North Africa – Toyota Motor Corporation and Mr. Sadayoshi Koyari, Chief Engineer – Toyota Development Center 3 along with prominent personalities from the public &private sectors.

In his message Salim Mohamed Bahwansaid, “At Saud Bahwan Automotive, it is a matter of tremendous satisfaction to note that Toyota has made rapid strides in Oman. Many of the models such as the Corolla, Camry and Hilux are household names while others such as the Land Cruiser enjoy iconic status.”

“The Land Cruiser which has a rich legacy of over six decades is now reborn to meet the future with enhanced luxury and a bold new look. We are confident that the new Land Cruiser will exceedthe expectations of our customers,” he added.

In his keynote address Mr. Koji Nagata highlighted TMC’s customer focus, “We are one company that really believes our customers always come first. We offer the highest levels of safety and quality. A Toyota delivers true peace of mind as well as an emotional experience. One of our slogans is “Creating Ever-better Cars”. It’s more than just words, it’s a mission.”

Speaking about the All New Land Cruiser, he added, “Toyota has been selling the Land Cruiser in the Middle East for more than half a century. We are very grateful to you for your loyalty and support all these years. We believe there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. Hence, our aim is not to just meet but also surpass customer’s expectations. Our new Land Cruiser Wagon was designed with this philosophy in mind. As a flagship model, it delivers peace-of-mind, excitementand luxuryall at the same time. Moreover, we expect the new Land Cruiser to also set the standard for its class. This new model was designed drawing upon feedback from people right herein this country. You told us what you wantedand I think you would find that we have given it to you. The Land Cruiser offers amazing utility. It is reliable and tough,it can go anywhere,do anything. Yet it is luxurious. It delivers upgraded performance, the latest technology, and safety. In the Middle East, this vehicle has been especially popularin fact, legendary. It was a hit when we first started selling it. And, it is even more loved today.”

Concluding with a flourish, Mr Nagata remarked,“What’s better than a Land Cruiser? Only a new Land Cruiser!”

Later in the evening theChief Engineer of the All New Toyota Land Cruiser, Mr. Sadayoshi Koyari shared his experience about the development process. He said, “When we, at Toyota, talk about the Land Cruiser, we talk about “Land Cruiser-ness” — that is, the special quality that a Land Cruiser should have. Land Cruisers are loved by customers around the world.”

“This redesigned model offers elegance, sophistication, luxury — but it’s also tough and practical. It’s at home on the road in towns and cities. And beyond that — cruising the land, it offers not just excitement but utility. It really is the “luxurious bridge between civilization and adventure” — and we have made every effort to make it so. Toyota delivers what it promises – without compromises. Proof is the new Land Cruiser,” he added.

With the new Land Cruiser, Toyota has elevated the meaning of the term SUV with new exterior&interior, newdesign features andnew safety technologies added to a major drivetrain upgrade and enhanced multimedia features, making this makeover far more than metal-skin deep. In fact, the key featuresof the new Land Cruiser include the impressive new 8-speed automatic transmission, the attention grabbing 20” alloy wheels, pampering premium leather seats and reassuring safety features such as the new rear cross traffic alert and the lane change alert. Topping it all is the 11.6″ dual full HD rear entertainment systemfeaturing 14 state-of-the-art JBL speakers.

“These, by no means, are a complete list of features in the new Land Cruiser to which neither words nor images can do justice,” remarked a spokesperson for Saud Bahwan Automotive, “To know the Land Cruiser in reality, one has to experience it, and that is best done by visiting the showroom.”

The launch event also featured a one-of-a-kind creative performance by twotalented acrobats who complemented each other superbly, sweeping the audience away in this spectacle of the senses. They were followed by mesmerising LED dancers. A dramatic unveiling of the All-New 2016 Land Cruiser took place immediately thereafter!

The launching of the All New Land Cruiser drew a very enthusiastic response from the distinguished guests. “Land Cruiser istruly in a league of its own”, remarked an invitee. “Now, even more so, with the new model setting new benchmarks for many to emulate,” remarked another.

The All New Land Cruiser is now on display at all Toyota Showrooms.

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