Exciting Benefits with Toyota Land Cruiser

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Exciting Benefits with Toyota Land Cruiser


Ramadan is the season of giving. In this time, many dreams come true. Such as the dream of owning a 4WD that is Totally Unchallenged at the pinnacle of its performance – the Toyota Land Cruiser…!

“Now, during Toyota’s ‘Biggest Excitement’ offer, customers not only get to own a Toyota Land Cruiser loaded with benefits, but they also get a golden chance to try their luck in the raffle of 22 Prius Hybrid sedans,” the Saud Bahwan Automotive (SBA) spokesperson says, “Land Cruiser customers are also entitled to a Cash Gift of up to RO 3000, 5 years / 50,000 Kms Service and a Gift Voucher,” the spokesperson adds, “So the choice is clear. It’s time to visit the nearest Toyota showroom & make the most of the opportunity!” (Conditions apply. Benefits are available during the campaign period until July 13, 2017, for personal purchases only. Visit a Toyota showroom to know the exact details.)

“On its own, the Land Cruiser is very often waitlisted to purchasers. Imagine, with this incentive, how much excitement there will be”, an enthusiast remarked.

Indeed, the Land Cruiser is in a class of its own. Enjoying a level of customer loyalty unmatched by any other SUV, the Land Cruiser is a sophisticated blend of off-road prowess, on-road comfort and unparalleled refinement. It also offers seating for up to eight passengers. The iconic 4WD rose to prominence more than 60 years ago. In the words of its Chief Engineer Sadayoshi Koyari, “The Land Cruiser, a true go-anywhere, all-terrain four-wheel drive SUV exceeded expectations all around the globe.”

“It’s empowering to know that this vehicle can handle virtually any terrain in the world, and the Land Cruiser has the added appeal of being quiet, comfortable and surprisingly swift on the road. Throw in a good dose of its tastefully restrained styling and it’s easy to see why the modern Land Cruiser is as impressive in its own way as those legendary Land Cruisers of yore,” observes a prominent website.

The Land Cruiser model proudly carries forward the vehicle’s legacy of phenomenal all-terrain performance and reliability. Indeed, it is one of the most technically advanced four-wheel drive vehicles ever produced and is equipped with a series of advanced dynamic and handling features. These have been further extended with the world-first Turn Assist, which works in conjunction with the Crawl Control function, Multi-Terrain Monitor.

The Crawl Control System helps maintain a low uniform vehicle speed by automatically controlling the engine output and brake hydraulic pressure for reducing driver burden when in off-road conditions.

Helping drivers confirm their surroundings when driving off-road are features such as a Multi-Terrain Monitor used in conjunction with Multi-Terrain Select (MTS). The range of Advanced Active-Driving Control Features extends to the Active Traction Control (ATRC) system , which ensures excellent Vehicle Handling functionality. Adding to the versatility of the Land Cruiser is the Hill-start Assist Control (HAC) system, which prevents vehicle rollback when stopping and then starting again on a steep incline or slippery surface.

In addition, the vehicle features Active Height Control and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AHC & AVS), a fully adjustable system that provides spring rate control to give exceptional performance off-road. It also regulates pitch and body roll on-road to maintain ride comfort and refinement.

The heart of the 2017 Land Cruiser’s capability is its 5.7-litre with dual VVT-i V8 engine, which produces 362 Horsepower and 54 Kg-m of Torque. The Land Cruiser is the first large SUV segment model with genuine off-road capabilities to offer a smooth and quiet 8-speed Automatic Transmission. This indomitable 4WD is popularly available in the 4.0 and 4.6 litre variants as well.

Advanced safety technologies that have gone into the making of the Land Cruiser have resulted in innovative features that include a Pre-crash Safety System that detects other vehicles or obstructions to warn the driver, perform evasive manoeuvres and automatically activate brakes when its sensors detect a high probability of a collision. Radar Cruise Control helps maintain a suitable vehicle-to-vehicle distance while following the preceding vehicle. A Lane Change Assist system with Blind Spot Monitor warns the driver if there is a vehicle on either side while changing the lane while the Automatic High Beam system detects oncoming headlamps and/or tail lamps of preceding vehicles and automatically switches to low beam to reduce glare.

The 2017 Land Cruiser is also available with Ten Airbags, Active Headrests and a choice of exterior colours. Elevating In-vehicle Entertainment to a completely new level are the 11.6-inch Dual Display Screens with Display Angle Adjustable Mechanism that offer the ultimate in multimedia entertainment for rear seat passengers.

Wait no more…visit the nearest Toyota showroom & make it yours!

The Safety Kit (which includes a Fire Extinguisher, Warning Triangle, Tyre Pressure Gauge & a First Aid Kit) is a dealer-installed non-Toyota feature provided on Toyota models as standard equipment. Specifications of vehicle imported from Toyota Motor Corporation are as per the GSO Conformity Certificate applicable to the model/grade. Parameters such as vehicle weight, dimensions & fuel economy could vary from the GSO Conformity Certificate due to fitment of dealer installed non-Toyota accessories. Pictures and colours shown may differ from actual specifications.

In Oman, the nationwide parts and service network of Saud Bahwan Automotive support Toyota’s outstanding product quality. No wonder then that today, Toyota is one of the most trusted and well-known brands. For the latest Press Releases, Test Drive requests and more, please visit www.toyotaoman.com, www.youtube.com / toyotaoman or www.facebook.com / toyotaoman.

For further details & to ascertain availability of stocks, please visit your nearest Toyota Showroom.