Prius Owners Benefit from Hybrid Technology

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Prius Owners Benefit from Hybrid Technology


As the world’s first mass-produced hybrid sedan, Prius is in a class of its own with over 6 million Prius sold till date.

In Oman, the Prius, since its launch, has been greeted with tremendous enthusiasm. Amongst its loyal base of enthusiasts, Toyota has many who are pioneers, the early birds and the innovators. These progressive ones are the first to adopt new models. They are the ones who set the trend.

To connect them with each other and to foster an engaging discussion, a Prius Owner’s Meet was organised at Saud Bahwan Automotive’s Muscat Corporate Centre. The impressive list of invitees included Prius owners, special invitees and senior staff members.

This meet was an open forum where Toyota representatives were on hand to answer specific queries about the salient features of the Prius hybrid sedans and the Prius owners shared their experience of using the futuristic Prius on the roads of Oman. There were some pretty interesting experiences shared, excerpts of which are recounted here.

Mr. Yousuf Said Al Sinani, who works at the PDO, came onstage to say that he first got interested in the Prius after watching some advertisements & news of the car. Fascinated by the concept of a Hybrid sedan, Mr. Sinani decided to try it out for himself, he said, “I started reading about the car, especially about the hybrid because I was impressed about its technology. So I started looking at the Toyota Website…to get to know about it… after a couple of days I went to the Toyota Showroom to see the car itself,” The courteous staff at the showroom answered his queries and arranged for an exclusive test drive. He further added, “I drove the car and was very impressed with it. The way it drove, the performance… it was great”. Needless to say Mr. Sinani is now a proud Prius owner and says that not only he and his family but his friends are also impressed with the Prius.

Another proud owner, Mr.Mahir Mohamed Sangor Al Zadjali, Manager HSBC Bank Oman, stated that he had become aware of the car’s potential mainly after seeing its videos and other print material. He expressed confidence that due to its high fuel economy & other qualities, there would be many people who would appreciate the Prius and would want to buy it.

A highly qualified Oral Surgeon (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Resident Oman Medical Speciality Board) from the prestigious Al Nahda Hospital, Dr. Hilal Bin Zahir Bin Abdallah Al Ismaili stated “I have a range of cars, none of them as fuel-efficient as the Toyota Prius. In not only the city but even on intercity highways, the Prius makes great sense for saving fuel!” Dr. Ismaili went on to shower praises on the Prius and shared a high reading he got with just a litre of fuel!!!

Mr. Mohamed Abdullah Al Majrafi lit up the room by bringing many smiles to the faces. He began by humorously stating the two main problems with his new Prius, “1st – I forget when I last filled petrol and 2nd – Every time I stop, 5 or 6 people ask me. Which car is this?” Indeed, he was all praises for the Prius, which he felt is “Very nice…Very impressive and stuffed with features.” All of this led him to conclude that Prius is “good value for money.”

Thus drew to a close yet another warm and friendly interactive customer meet session hosted by Saud Bahwan Automotive.

Saud Bahwan Automotive, ably supporting customers through its nationwide network, wishes them all a very happy ownership experience!

In Oman, the nationwide parts and service network of Saud Bahwan Automotive support Toyota’s outstanding product quality. No wonder then that today, Toyota is one of the most trusted and well-known brands.

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