Toyota Prius: The Voice of Innovation

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Toyota Prius: The Voice of Innovation


As the first mass-producedhybrid car in the world, Prius represents a new era of automotive technology. The breakthrough that took more than a century, Prius brought forth the world’s first mass-produced hybrid system that cut fuel consumption in half.

According to the group spokesperson, “In an era that fosters creativity, innovation; the Prius is a futuristic car. It is a visionary idea that has creatively leapt from the drawing table to the highway. Equally gifted individuals whose lifestyle stories reveal their innovative, original and adventurous streaks own possessing a distinct personality the Prius.Just like the Toyota Prius, they accept bold challenges and innovate to make a lasting markand ‘climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, until they find their dream’.

Indeed, these exceptional people see the Prius from their unique perspective. These are some of the most fascinating innovators from the Middle East, whohave the power toinspire us. Here are their voices… the Innovators Voice…

Let us meet Anisafrom Oman. A few years ago, Anisa al Raissigave up her well-paying desk job in the hotel industry to traverse the wilderness. To many, her decision of opting for the rigours of adventure over a fat pay cheque seemed rather bizarre.Not for Anisa, who wasn’t yet home in her job of eight years and was desperately seeking a change. “My work oscillated between sales and meeting targets. I wanted to do something that made me feel better rather than make the rich richer and poor, poorer,” she argues.

‘My passion in life is being in the outdoors and testing my limits,’ says Anisa. Today, Anisa is a well-known name to all who loves adventure like hiking, caving, climbing, canyoning in the Sultanate.She will be creating history by being the first Omani woman to walk the North Pole as part of the Women’s Euro-Arab North Pole Expedition 2017 in April. “It was disbelief at first as I knew how many people had applied and I thought I had no chance of being selected. Then was just really excited as soon as I was over the shock,” Anisa, an instructor at Outward Bound Oman (OBO), recollected her reaction after realising that she has got the selection for the expedition.

The expedition will face many physical challenges – temperatures down to -40°C, polar bears, and shifting pack ice. The main purpose of the expedition is to foster greater dialogue and understanding between women from Western and Arabian cultures, according to her. “Expedition will work to inspire all women to reach beyond the expectation of others and to fulfil their own ultimate life ambitions,” Anisa asserts.

Like Anisa, the Prius has been inspiring many like-minded owners from the Middle East. The one thing in common? They all possess a distinct personality that makes a lasting impact.

Being one of the youngest wheelchair track racing champions in the world, Salem Al Shehhiis living proof that, with dedication, anything can be accomplished. He won the 100m gold and the 200m and 400m silver medals at the T54 class at IWAS World Games. He is a hybrid racer who combines the mechanics of his wheelchair with his pure muscular strength, “I am a hybrid of my wheelchair and my body, because if I did not make them work as one, I would not be able to do anything at all.” Toyota Prius has remained a strong support to Salem in the fulfilment of his goals.

Another proud Prius owner, Salem has been breeding falcons overseas for more than 10 years. His passion and unique skill has led to the rising number of award winning falcons. Salem’s companybreeds different falcons in order to create stronger, better hybrids. Salem’s passion and unique skill has led to many awards and accolades. He says, “The hybrid is always the best. If we talk about cars for daily and regular use, any car is good enough. But when you need powerful performance, the hybrid must be there for its sustainability, its speed for its environmentally friendly performance – whether in falconry or technology.”

Top Innovator, inventor and businessperson Ahmed Almazroui develops problem-solving technologies every day, including the world’s most advanced robot jockey. He feels that one should be able to develop traditions and hybridise them with the technologies of today. The invention is only a success if it solves a real problem. Hybrid cars significantly reduce environmental pollution and reduce our dependence of fossil fuel.”

Known for his tag ‘Deya’a One’, Deya’a Rambo exhibits his mastery of graffiti at numerous events and competitions through character developing skills, curve-shaped letters and creative murals. In appreciation of his Prius, he quips, “I consider my art hybrid. This hybrid identity is the creative inspiration.”

You can see these inspiring owners on the Prius Life Channel on the toyotaoman website ( Apart from inspiring its proud owners, the Prius Hybrid has also wowed the judges in many places. No wonder then that 2016 Toyota Prius Has Been Named One of Autotrader’s 2016 Must Test Drive, Is the Most Popular Hybrid in America, the Best-Selling Hybrid in America with over 95% of All Toyota Prius Models Sold Since 2005 Still on the Road (