All-New  Toyota Fortuner – The Urban Adventure Is Here

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All-New Toyota Fortuner – The Urban Adventure Is Here


Spacious, Stylish & Stronger than ever, the All-New 2016 Fortuner has arrived into Omanwitha lot of fanfare.So get ready to embark on an excitingly New Urban Adventure…

It was a special moment for the eager audience when the All-New 2016 Fortuner was thematically unveiled. Mr. Takayuki Yoshitsugu, Chief Representative, Middle East & North Africa Representative Office, Mr. Osamu Tomioka, Assistant Chief Engineer and other officials from Toyota Motor Corporation graced the special event. Also present on the occasion were Salim and Saud Mohamed Bahwan.

In the opening presentation, Mr. Takayuki Yoshitsugu remarked, “The All-New Fortuner is a completely redesigned SUV that enhances driving confidence on every level while setting a new standard for SUVs all around the world. It debuts a compelling design with a strong identity, expressing refinement and innovation as well as being functional and tough. It also epitomises Toyota’s focus on developing vehicles with impressive quality, durability, reliability and off-road ability.The result of this is a comprehensive revamp, creating a unique SUV that’s every bit as comfortable on the urban roads as it is on the region’s toughest off-road trails.”

Sharing the development philosophy of the vehicle, Mr. Osamu Tomioka, said”To build a true SUV with Style & Confidence. To enhance the customer’s confidence, we developed a new stronger frame with bigger cross section, which enables the vehicle to withstand rougher road conditions. We improved the 4-link suspension system for a more comfortable drive. The new engine with high torque at lower revolution provides higher fuel efficiency. While the new 6-speed transmission takes full potential of this new engine by providing smooth acceleration at both low and high speeds. It’s a true SUV with 4×4 go-anywhere ability.”

Earlier in the evening, the Saud Bahwan Automotive (SBA) representative welcomed the guests and thanked them for the popularity of the brand in Oman, “Toyota has enjoyed a strong patronage amongst our customers over generations. Models like Land Cruiser, Corolla and Hilux enjoy iconic status. During the last 4 decades, SBA has invested extensively in Infrastructure, Manpower and Customer satisfaction initiatives thereby ensuring that Toyota continues to be the leading automobile brand in Oman.”

Later in the evening, the All-New Fortuner was revealed to the accompaniment of a 3D interactive Hi-tech entertainment act that added to the anticipation in the room. As the Fortuner was finally unveiled, the audience seemed eager to touch & take a closer look for themselves.

In the new Fortuner, Toyota has created a new “Solid Fluidity” design language, which expresses toughness and wideness through the high body axis, the bulging wheel arch flares as well as the chunky trapezoidal front bumper. The Fortuner has a tough yet smart rear design that defies the typical unrefined image of an SUV.

The Fortuner’s ample cabin space is complemented by superb convenience features, culminating in a sublime driving experience. The interior exhibits the toughness of an SUV, tempered with the elegance of a premium sedan. A focal point of the dashboard architecture is the vertical centre cluster flanked by columns of soft simulated leather upholstery that offer leg support from both sides. In fact, soft-touch textures and exquisite chrome detailing liberally pepper the cabin; all beautifully harmonising with each other. The interior is stylish & creates a warm atmosphere that passengers enjoy.

There are 8 exterior colours and the Fortuner is available with a range of petrol engine options. The available petrol engines include a 2.7-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 164hp and 25.0 Kg-m of torque and the 4.0-litre V6 engine, which churns out 235hp and 38.3 Kg-m of torque. The Fortuner has a 6-speed automatic transmission and its impressive ground clearance along with its superb suspension comfortably absorbs vibration,resulting in a ride experience expected from a luxury SUV.

The Fortuner is equipped with all terrain tyres or 18″ alloy wheelswith HT tyres depending on the grade selected, 7″ navigation display with audio system, power back door & follow me home lights, for convenience of customers. Additionally, comprehensive safety systems like anti-lock braking system (ABS), SRS Airbags for front seats topping it up with a knee airbag for the driver. Apart from this, Fortuner is equipped with rear camera, rear-parking sensors, amongst many other features…

Please visit the nearest showroom to get a hands-on feel of the new marvel from Toyota…today!