Speedometer Stops at 9,99,999 Kms. Toyota Quality Goes On…

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Speedometer Stops at 9,99,999 Kms. Toyota Quality Goes On…


For 14 long years, Mr. Hamed Al Hinai has had one favourite – Toyota.

His loyalty to Toyota began when he purchased a Toyota Echo DLX in 2004. Since then, he has been using it as a Taxi and also as a personal vehicle. His Toyota Echo has covered the maximum running limit of 9,99,999 kms., and he recently came to Toyota Service to have the speedometer replaced.

We caught up with him and asked him to share some interesting moments with us. Here are some excerpts from the heart-warming chat we had with an extraordinary Toyota enthusiast!

At the outset, we offered him our heartiest congratulations and asked him how he felt be a part of Toyota Family, “It feels very nice to be part of Toyota Family,” replied Mr. Al Hinai, “Toyota understands that no two families are the same. That’s why they worked hard to make a range of cars, which are the best for every family. Toyota cars are highly comfortable, practical and safe. Toyota’s legendary reliability, quality and safety make every journey enjoyable,”

Continuing in the same vein, Mr. Al Hinai added, “Toyota’s quality is great for my business; too, since I run my car as a taxi from Muscat in the morning and in the afternoon I take a trip to Nizwa and back. That’s a long haul, every day, and I am happy to say that my Toyota has been with me every step of the way…it has never let me down. In fact I remember that once I had visited Nizwa and back to Muscat 3 times in a single day & then, I also visited Salalah twice…that’s a very long route to cover but the ride was very comfortable and I did not face any problems throughout my journey.”

We then asked him if he knew about Toyota quality prior to his buying a Toyota. We wanted to know what made him choose Toyota, “Initially I purchased the car for my own use but later on I converted it into a Taxi when I noticed that the Toyota gives better mileage, is easier to maintain & provides a smooth driving experience,” explained Mr. Al Hinai.

He also added that he did not get any special service apart from being a regular with Toyota Service, “Regular service at Toyota is the reason for my car’s smooth running. I am very happy with Toyota service team. I also use the Toyota service app and find it easy to book service appointments with it. The app enables me to fix appointments with service, communicate and get updates on special offers, amongst other conveniences. Apart from this I take no other special care. I am the sole driver of my Echo & I avoid giving it to others.”

Probing deeper, we asked, “According to you, what makes a Toyota so reliable?” He calmly replied, “It all comes down to Quality, Service and Parts. Toyota offers ease of maintenance, service, comfort & safety. Precisely for these reasons, my family owns a Corolla and my brother also bought Toyota Echo. We recently purchased a Toyota Prado. I may buy a Corolla, next.”

Finally, before we took our leave, we asked Mr. Hamed Al Hinai if he would ever consider selling his Toyota.

Pat came the response, “Never!”

Indeed, as they say, once a Toyota owner – always a Toyota owner!

In Oman, Toyota, a globally local brand, promises the customers of its two unfailing traits which also form the two pillars on which its brand promise is built –’Peace of Mind’ and ‘Waku Doki’. Toyota, a brand that is synonymous with QDR (Quality, Durability& Reliability) and has a strong focus on safety, keeps the owner’s mind at peace on one hand and on the other gets the heart racing with range of exciting cars and thereby creating a sense of ‘Waku Doki’, a Japanese word which means – intense adrenaline rush.

With every action Toyota aims at exceeding expectations of the customers, thereby ensuring their smiles. The brand promise is built on the foundation of beliefs close to the heart of the company and the customer.

Please visit the Toyota showroom and get a Toyota into your life to know why they say, “Bring home joy, Bring home a Toyota.”